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PATH: // PSI Suite of Ontologies / PSI Core Process ontology / Decision

The semantic context of the concepts of an AtomicAction and a Decision. Click other concepts to navigate.


The Definition of a Decision

One specific kind of an AtomicAction is a Decision. A Decision like an AtomicAction applies a change on the Environment. However, it does it indirectly by choosing one AtomicAction among all admissible AtomicActions in a particular State. More details on admissible actions and states could be seen in [1].


1. Ermolayev, V., Keberle, N., Jentzsch, E., Sohnius, R., Matzke, W.-E.: Modeling Actions in Dynamic Engineering Design Processes. In: J. Yang et al. (Eds.): Proc. 3d Int. Conf. UNISCON 2009, Apr. 21 – 24, 2009, Sydney, Australia, LNBIP 20, pp. 127–141, 2009

PSI-ULO: Decision Properties

  • Not defined

PSI-ULO: Decision Relationships

Subsumption Relationships

Meronymy Relationships

  • Not defined


  • PSI-ULO: Decision (1) takenAt – usedToTake (0...*) PSI-ULO: State
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