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Dear ICTERI Community Member,

Welcome to the ICTERI Wiki. The purpose of this collaboration instrument is to assist us - the ICTERI Community - in developing the descriptive model of the Scope for the future instances of ICTERI conference. This model is actually the Ontology of the ICTERI Scope.

You are invited to contribute to the development of this ontology by taking part in the discussions of the Conference Scope topics that are interesting to you and relevant to your research work. Only registered members may contribute. We do that on purpose to filter out all the irrelevant things that could be entered by occasional visitors.


Becoming a Registered Member

To become a registered member please send an e-mail to Mrs. Olga Tatarintseva expressing your intent to join. She will then create the login and the personal page for you. The list of the registered members is available for your information.

Discussing the ICTERI Scope Ontology

The current revision of the ontology of ICTERI Scope is presented as a set of Wiki pages with navigable UML class diagrams and textual explanations. The starting point is the

Providing Your Feedback

Your feedback will reach us immediately after you change a discussion page related to a Wiki page. Please use a discussion tab at the top of a Wiki page to provide your contribution or opinion. Alternatively, feel free to contact Olga Tatarintseva if you have any relevant questions, requests or suggestions.

Publishing Your ICTERI Paper and Presentation Slides

In addition to the already available publication channels, ICTERI Wiki is also a good resource for making your ICTERI publication visible for a broader scientific community. For those of you who hold the copyright for your ICTERI paper we offer a possibility to create a Wiki page for your paper. In addition, to all those who present at ICTERI we offer a Wiki page for your presentation. Please contact Olga Tatarintseva for these matters.

ICTERI Papers and Talks

  • The papers of ICTERI 2011 can be accessed here
  • The presentations given at ICTERI 2011 can be accessed here
  • The papers of ICTERI 2012 can be accessed here
  • The presentations given at ICTERI 2012 can be accessed here
  • The papers and presentations of ICTERI 2015 can be accessed here

The Terms of ICTERI Scope Ontology

  • This list of the terms has to be used for annotating new submissions to ICTERI

Naming Convention, Notations, Transformations

OntoElect: the Methodology used for developing the ICTERI Scope Ontology

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